About Us


Atlanta Landscaping Inc. is a family owned and operated company. We have been in service and have experience for over 10 years, and serving the Metro Atlanta Area. Atlanta Landscaping, Inc. has all of the following equipment’s for all of the landscaping needs. Our goal at Atlanta Landscaping, Inc. is to offer the best service for the most competitive rates. Atlanta Landscaping, Inc. offers good rates and package deals for all the landscaping needs.


Here are some reasons why you should choose Atlanta Landscaping Inc.

  • Talk to live person
  • Technically competent (Fully trained in correct application and details.)
  • Insured (So that you, the home owner, cannot be held liable and your home is protected.)
  • A corporation that has a physical address
    (315 Sheringham Trail, Roswell GA, 30076)
  • Current and Active Business Licenses
  • A huge list of excellent referrals. (You can phone some of them)
  • Has a good standing in community
  • Knowledgeable (Professional & Experienced & Valued)
  • Uniformed professional crews